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Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

The goal is to make it 1,000 one day!

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Do you write a lot on Medium? I surely do. Ever since I accepted the “365 articles in 365 days” challenge, I invest a significant amount of time into writing. …

I went on Bumble BFF 1.5 years ago. I spoke with 4 women, met 2 of them in person, and they became my best friends. Sadly, I had to part ways with one of them last month, but that's a separate story on its own.

But then I've been struggling to find a partner online. After being on regular Bumble for 1.5 years and having a ton of negative and underwhelming experiences, including bad dates; I removed the app and met my boyfriend in real life a week later. So, I guess it's different for everyone. I'm usually super lucky with friends and not as lucky with relationships.

Sometimes greed can take the better of you, and this is what happened to a friend of mine.

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I had a friend whose greed knew no boundaries when it came to money. The key stipulation is "had a friend," not "have a friend" because I got so tired of her selfishness, I distanced myself from her and almost ceased any communication. Over the years, I've witnessed many examples…

Secret shopping jobs are real, and they pay quite well.

When I was in college, I had to be creative to pay for my expenses. I didn’t have enough savings to pay tuition and living expenses, and I refused to accept my parents’ assistance. I know, I know, it’s counter-intuitive: you should get all the help you can get. …

Texas’ controversial abortion law isn’t controversial — it’s misleading

The entire world is talking about the new monstrous abortion law implemented in Texas. Now, a woman only has 6 weeks to terminate the pregnancy, and if she’s more than 6 weeks pregnant, it would no longer be possible.

The truth is, women actually do not have 6 weeks with…

Probably applicable to women too, but not as much.

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Dear Desperate Men,

I have a message for you regarding messages you send women on LinkenIn, Nextdoor and other social media apps.

I was laying in bed trying to wake up early morning when I received a message on Nextdoor. Do you know the app that connects you to people…

You don’t have to throw money at them — just show them you care.

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I just finished a 7.5-hour shift at work. I made myself a glass of iced water with lime and started going through the balloon options at Party City. Tomorrow, my colleagues and I were supposed to meet for a work lunch for the first time. …

Investing in a writing idea is exciting, but sometimes our ideas fail.

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I enjoy writing very much. I only started to write last year, and I don’t understand how I lived without it before. Writing makes me happy, and it allows me to explore my creative side.

While some of my work is simply me talking about everyday life, I’m dedicated to…


The idea of big boobs sounds great to some, but the harsh truth is: having them is awful.

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Dear ladies (and possibly gentlemen, along with non-binary people),

A few days ago, I read Ali Hall’s piece regarding the body-shaming of women with small breasts. It broke my heart a little bit and reminded me of how stupid societal stereotypes can be. I respect marketers very much, and many…

Lying gets you nowhere with online dating.

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Have you ever tried online dating? I gave it a shot more than once, and my most recent 1-year experience wasn’t very positive. Thankfully, I’m not using this method anymore, and I hope to never return to it again.

Many people choose the online dating route, especially young individuals. Some…

Joanna Henderson

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