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Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

The goal is to make it 1,000 one day!

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Do you write a lot on Medium? I surely do. Ever since I accepted the “365 articles in 365 days” challenge, I invest a significant amount of time into writing. To be fair, I’m falling behind: I published 175 articles in 290 days, so I need to pick up the pace… But it should also be about quality, right?

Below are more than 100 articles I wrote in 2020 and 2021, divided by categories. The list will be updated monthly. Most of the articles are curated.

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Her mental breakdown was awful, but maybe she deserves a little bit of compassion?

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A video of Karen visiting a Victoria's Secret store and having a mental breakdown after assaulting a fellow customer went viral this week. Ijeoma Ukenta, the lady of Nigerian descent living in New Jersey, went to her local Victoria's Secret store to shop and was assaulted by a Caucasian shopper Abigail Elphick, The Guardian reports.

Ijeoma posted multiple videos on YouTube, starting with the very first one, showing Abigail allegedly — although some may say not so allegedly — assaulting her, expressing verbal abuse towards Ijeoma, harassing the woman, chasing her around Victoria’s Secret store, all while ignoring the staff’s…

I got four rejections despite having a decent writing portfolio.

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We all love to write. Don’t we? As writers, whether professional or not, we all know the importance of newer opportunities. So we are always ready to jump exploring a new promising platform.

A new content-based website equals many views and a high-income potential due to being new to the game. Many people leaped at the chance of writing for News Break when the site first launched late last year.

Guess what! I did it too.

Unfortunately, I was rejected. Not once. Not twice. But four times in a row.

Why? I’m not sure. But let me tell you this…

It’s not about money, but about caring and paying attention to your friends.

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Friendships are extremely important. In my opinion, they are as crucial as having strong relationships with our partners and family. We don’t choose family members, yet we can choose friends who become our family. This is why I’ve always cherished my friends.

I’m one of the fortunate people always to have friends. I cannot think of a single period in my life when I was friendless, but most importantly, I’ve had true friends. And it’s always been about quality, not quantity.

However, sometimes you hit a rough patch with loved ones. And once in a while, your close friend shows…


Did you notice your cat’s secretive behaviour? If not — you should.

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My little kitten is turning one in about a week. Obviously, she’s not a kitten anymore, but a full-grown cat, but she will always stay a kitten to me. She acts like one, she’s playful like one, and I have a million photos of her being little. I cherish her every day.

Chelsea became my “quarantine” pet in September 2020, and she’s the best thing that happened to me recently. I love her to pieces, and I’m so grateful for her presence in my life.

If you have a pet, you probably notice certain behaviours they exhibit. Every animal is…

She told her date to get lost. What he did wasn’t just disgusting but also illegal.

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I’ve been dipping my toes into the online dating pool for a little bit, and I have more than one funny story. However, my personal life is boring compared to my close friends, whose stories are much more entertaining.

Would I have ever guessed how irresponsible some people are with their sexual health? I wouldn’t. Could I have ever imagined that not owning a particular object can be a deal-breaker for some women? Of course not! But the story I heard the other day was hard for me to comprehend.

I’m sure we all experience rejection. After all, it’s a…

You're doing sooo well. Some people write on Medium for YEARS, but don't make even $100/monthly. Just keep going and be patient! If you keep writing, in a year you'll see the difference. I've been here for 1 year, and I made $1,900 last month (including the $500 bonus). Imagine what can happen in 5 years? :)

Also, Medium isn't the only writing platform. You may end up exploring other websites too.

Writing = freedom. That's why it feels so exhilarating. Because it's freeing.

This applies to boyfriends as well.

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I wouldn’t say I like to bring people down; instead, I like to support them and lift them. However, sometimes I encounter people who, unfortunately, invest most of their energy into negativity. In particular — into making those around them miserable.

More often than not, I come across couples where one person is decent, and the other one is toxic, negative and insecure — and even controlling and abusive.

I shared my experience with a friend who’s a victim of domestic abuse. Sadly, his situation hasn’t changed for the best the last I talked to him. …

Yet many people don’t understand why it’s taboo.

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Some of us are looking for relationships, while others focus on casual dating. People are different, and depending on where you are in life, you look for different things.

One of my best friends is actively looking for casual sex, and she hasn’t been particularly lucky so far. Unfortunately, most guys she talks with refuse to take STI tests. And out of those she ends up meeting, they either cannot communicate properly or want to date her.

Earlier today, she told me about her recent interaction with a guy who came over for sex. Based on that conversation, I realized

Sometimes $1 can make you or break a potential relationship.

Credit: drobotdean via Freepik

Dating can be challenging, especially during a pandemic. But to be fair, it was never easy, to begin with. Finding a suitable partner can be a piece of cake for some of us and a torturous struggle for others.

There are so many rules about dating. But despite that, getting through the first date shouldn’t be difficult. Or should it? Not everyone knows the etiquette of the first date, and many people have very different opinions on the subject.

An acquaintance of mine told me a shocking story recently. She, a young woman in her early 30s, went out on…

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