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Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

The goal is to make it 1,000 one day!

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Do you write a lot on Medium? I surely do. Ever since I accepted the “365 articles in 365 days” challenge, I invest a significant amount of time into writing. To be fair, I’m falling behind: I published 175 articles in 290 days, so I need to pick up the pace… But it should also be about quality, right?

Below are more than 100 articles I wrote in 2020 and 2021, divided by categories. The list will be updated monthly. Most of the articles are curated.

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Probably applicable to women too, but not as much.

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Dear Desperate Men,

I have a message for you regarding messages you send women on LinkenIn, Nextdoor and other social media apps.

I was laying in bed trying to wake up early morning when I received a message on Nextdoor. Do you know the app that connects you to people in the neighbourhood? I installed it recently to be aware of the events and volunteering opportunities (not sponsored). It became quite popular during the pandemic, as people were staying home and needed to connect with the outside world.

“Hello my friend. How are you doing today?” — the message read.

You don’t have to throw money at them — just show them you care.

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I just finished a 7.5-hour shift at work. I made myself a glass of iced water with lime and started going through the balloon options at Party City. Tomorrow, my colleagues and I were supposed to meet for a work lunch for the first time. I recently switched jobs, and most of us have never met each other due to COVID, so it’s a big deal for us.

Why do I need balloons from Party City, you may ask? A colleague of mine had a birthday the other day, and I realized it might be an idea to bring balloons…

Investing in a writing idea is exciting, but sometimes our ideas fail.

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I enjoy writing very much. I only started to write last year, and I don’t understand how I lived without it before. Writing makes me happy, and it allows me to explore my creative side.

While some of my work is simply me talking about everyday life, I’m dedicated to producing quality content and making someone’s day a little bit better. This is why I decided to “invest” $70 into a piece that had the potential of going viral.

“If it doesn’t go viral, I won’t be upset, — I told myself. — Getting a ton of views is tricky…


The idea of big boobs sounds great to some, but the harsh truth is: having them is awful.

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Dear ladies (and possibly gentlemen, along with non-binary people),

A few days ago, I read Ali Hall’s piece regarding the body-shaming of women with small breasts. It broke my heart a little bit and reminded me of how stupid societal stereotypes can be. I respect marketers very much, and many of them can greatly improve our lives. However, the culture of body-shaming, unrealistic standards, and constant attempts to sell us products and services to make us “better” and “prettier” are as toxic as it gets. …

Lying gets you nowhere with online dating.

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Have you ever tried online dating? I gave it a shot more than once, and my most recent 1-year experience wasn’t very positive. Thankfully, I’m not using this method anymore, and I hope to never return to it again.

Many people choose the online dating route, especially young individuals. Some folks you encounter on those apps are quite interesting, and what they post is mind-boggling. A fair share of people lies about many aspects of their lives, including age.

What to say to someone who obviously lies about their age? I have an answer to that! …

I disagree with her stance on trans people and some other topics too, but I think she has every right to go after someone for something as horrible as accusing her of ignoring porn sent to children. Even if it's an account with 2,000 followers, people need to THINK TWICE before resorting to defamation. It's not just illegal; it's also plain awful.

I don't think this tweet came from the trans community. And even if it did, one person doesn't define others. …

Your colleagues’ respect is as important as your job progress.

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I started a new job several months ago. It’s an amazing feeling, right? Especially when your previous employer didn’t appreciate you and was extremely exploitive. On the first day, you feel like you’re flying! The world is your oyster; you’re grateful for the new opportunity and ready for big things!

I have to admit that so far, the new position was nothing short of enjoyable. We all lose interest, at least partially as time goes by, but for now, I’m still happy at my new “home.”

My colleagues are excellent as well. I can’t say I 100% like them all…

I found someone on Fiverr to help me with a viral article idea.

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If you’ve been following my work on Medium, you know I’m invested in writing and succeeding in this craft. The financial benefit is substantial, but my number one goal is to figure out how the writing game works, gain valuable skills and become a better writer. So far, I’m barely a writer at all — more like a blogger, I suppose.

Many of us try to come up with new ways to increase viewership. You can find countless articles talking about getting more attention, views and money — both on Medium and outside of it. Truth be told, some of…

All of them were curated upon publishing… and then curators reconsidered.

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Many of us use Medium as a platform for creative expression and writing skills development. We also self-educate on various important topics — plus, let’s be real, we love reading dramatic personal stories once in a while. Medium is a beautiful place for many writers and readers.

Some of us utilize this website as an extra source of income, especially passive income. There are examples of writers, such as Zulie, Sean and Tim, who started writing full-time thanks to Medium. …

Joanna Henderson

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