Great article! I’m a huge fan of Graham Stephan, whose Youtube video you mentioned. I don’t think its idealistic, but here’s an interesting fact: he actually ended up making a ton of money off his Tesla, because he’s a Youtuber with a decent following. I noticed a lot of Tesla videos on Youtube: people buy the car because they like it, they film 10 or so videos — and the Youtube earnings offset the car costs partially. Just like your Medium article: you can publish 10 to 20 articles, which will allow you to make money off your Tesla experience. Some people also take short videos and sell those on stock video websites. Some sell photos too.

There are a lot of ways to use a new cool thing/car/feature to make money. So, by the end of the day, you can in fact earn money. You don’t even need to rent the car out on Turo.

Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

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