Hello, Bjoern. Thank you for the offer! If it still stands a few years from now, I would love to chat with you. Right now I need to come up with a comprehensive plan and envision my idea. I’m afraid it’s too early for me to discuss it, as I barely have an idea of what I’ll be doing. But I appreciate your offer!

I answered “yes” to 4 out of 6 of your questions. One of them was “yes and no”, but still. I do, indeed, come from a somewhat privileged background. What I did is tried to remove the privilege from my life as much as I could — not to an extreme, but at least partially. I’m fortunate enough to have support from my parents, but I refused to live rent-free when I was 18, refused to accept any sort of help with my expenses, started contributing to the family expenses on top of my own, refused to accept help with covering my tuition payments, refused to accept help with a job search using “family connections”, and did everything I could to ensure that everything I’ve accomplished has been done on my own as much as I could. I mean, having a family and a roof over my heard is a privilege enough, but I didn’t accept any sort of help from anyone since I turned 18 (except for emotional help, which is very valuable). On top of that, life throws curve balls at us, so there were quite a few difficulties along the way, such as health issues, caring for a suddenly disabled family member, etc.

So, I totally get what you’re saying about having white privilege. I put a lot of effort into reducing it in my life. I might write about it one day. Thank you for the feedback!

Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

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