Medium Challenge: 365 Days of Writing

Starting April 2019 and Ending April 2020

I’m new to Medium. I like this website because it allows me to read and write at the same time. I have countless ideas I want to write about; at the same time, I can’t stop reading what other authors have to say. It’s not an addiction yet, but it might turn into one after a while. But I’m not worried about spending too much time on Medium — after all, reading the articles isn’t only breathtaking, but also useful.

I have decided to commit to Medium for one full year. This is something I need, and it will benefit me a lot. You can read about my motivation below.

I’m Looking for Inspiration

Winter affected me greatly due to gloomy weather and personal issues. It was followed by quarantine and nearly a total lockdown around the world. Forget the world: I can’t even go outside. One of my neighbours is infected by COVID-19, which means I only leave my home when I have no choice. For example, tomorrow, I will visit the pharmacy to get my prescription refilled, and I also need to buy milk from the grocery store. Except for those activities, I have barricaded myself in my bedroom.

I have also been looking for a source of inspiration recently. I’m facing some health problems, and while they are manageable, it can be a challenge sometimes. You will hear all about it in the next 365 days. Trust me; I have a lot to say. I’m passionate about writing and expressing my opinions.

I have decided to commit to Medium for one full year. This is something I need, and it will benefit me a lot.

I Have Never Completed Anything in My Life. This Year, It’s Going to Change

Do you know those people who talk about ideas, yet never make them a reality? Talk too much, and do too little? That’s me, nice to meet you. I start working on a project, then get bored and eventually drop it. It might be due to the lack of concentration, or mild ADHD, or possibly my laziness.

2020 isn’t going the way any of us anticipated. But I refuse to write it off — instead, I’m going to make it my year. The year I make a difference in my life and complete a year-long goal. My challenge for 2020 is to write for 365 days straight.

Rules of the Challenge

I want the conditions to be reasonable, so here they are:

  • 1 day = 1 article. Between April 14th, 2020 and April 14th, 2021, I need to publish 365 articles.
  • It doesn’t have to be 1 article per day strictly. I’m allowed to post multiple articles on the same day or take a break, depending on my work and study schedule.
  • I will track the number of articles, the number of views and possibly royalties every month. I will post the results once the year is over (not sure about the money, I have to think about it).
  • Quality over quantity, but quantity is still relevant.

The reward will be proving to myself I can stick to a project for 1 year, developing a routine, learning structure, improving my writing skills, and simply being happy because writing and creativity make me happy.

2020 isn’t going the way any of us anticipated. But I refuse to write it off — instead, I’m going to make it my year.

The number one topic I love is business and finance. I published an article about my short-term debt repayment goal, as well as a long-term retirement goal:

I will most likely post updates once in a while, along with related topics and similar articles. But I have a long list of interests, so something as simple as coffee preference would work, along with my thoughts about geopolitical locations of certain countries.

Topics and Publications I Plan to Explore

I don’t have a plan yet, but the goal is to write about anything I want. I’m not sure what publications might like my work, that’s something I will have to figure out. As the year ends, I will ensure to analyze what topics I favoured, and which publications accepted my work.

Posting About Progress

Flooding my article list with weekly reviews isn’t a good idea. I will, however, track some of my progress. I posted an article about my first week on Medium recently:

The goal is to do the same after the first month, three months, six months and one year. I’m also planning to write about what I learn about Medium and how it benefitted me. Nothing is off the table: whatever I feel — I will share.

Will You Join Me?

It’s going to be an exciting experiment. Please join me if you are interested. It would be nice to hear your story about Medium and what it has given you, or your take on writing. Maybe you have a success story? I would love to know.

I’m not sure if I should create a series or a publication for this. We shall see.

And the challenge starts NOW! Well, technically, it has begun a week and a half ago. Good luck to me!

Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

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