Oh, man… And here I was, at the age of 26, thinking it gets better after a certain age. That I won’t have to be talked at on a date; or on the contrary, won’t have to “run” the date and make the guy feel comfortable so we can have a two-way conversation. It doesn’t get better! My whole life was a lie!

Seriously, though, I recently started texting a 35-year-old guy. I thought at that age people learn the art of communication, but NOPE! Not even close. He is the most BORING person I have ever texted. The fella doesn’t seem to pick up emotional queues. For example, I told him it was nice of him to adopt a cat instead of getting her from a breeder, and how great it is that there are people out there thinking about adoption; that animals should be cared for better; and that we should all donate more often to animal shelters. His reply? “Thanks”. Thanks?? I just poured my soul into my text, complimented you three times, brought up three important topics… and your reply is “thanks”?!

I give up. I seriously do.

Kerry! Thank you for opening my eyes. I shall look up animal shelters and prepare to spend my life with four cats.

Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

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