Please don't feel envy towards Americans. They did not respond to the pandemic the right away - or at least their commander-in-chief didn't; and they lost a lot of lives due to that.

I'm Canadian living in Toronto. Guess how long our lockdown has lasted so far? 10 months. TEN MONTHS!! Thank God we can go outside to get coffee and food, as well as visit parks and exercise outside. And you know what? I know the only reason we MADE IT through the 3rd waive of COVID is by staying home. Because some time in April, our doctors started choosing which patient to save, because there were not enough oxygen tanks.

I'm okay missing 1.5 years of my life to this, because me staying home means other people get to stay alive. Also, I discovered Medium when the pandemic hit. As far as I'm concerned, it's a new chapter of my life - an amazing one!

P.S. Don't worry, you Aussies will exit the lockdown soon.

Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

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