Your conclusion is spot on! It’s okay if you came to this later in life: there are people who NEVER end up understanding this concept. This is the exact reason why so many people are struggling with relationships. I’ve encountered a lot of folks who even end up marrying and starting a family, but then soon break up. Because if you were looking for someone based on a superficial checklist. Even if you make it to the altar and get the house keys together — it doesn’t change the negative qualities the person has. Such as being self-centered or self-absorbent.

I’m always surprised when my female friends start describing the perfect guy: tall, brown hair, dark eyes… EXCUSE ME? Aren’t you supposed to start with character qualities and look for someone who’s kind, decent, funny, family-oriented, confident and simply nice? This is my checklist. I’d like to think it protected me from many mistakes.

Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

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